zentralinstanz on Mon, 25 Aug 2008 21:12:24 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime-ann> [call] stop the visual suppression of account corpses


dear friends and movement-for-account-corpses.de supporters, dear all,

the movement-for-account-corpses.de is soon getting an enormous push - 
getting publicly awarded an international media art prize.

therefore the deadline for signing the very important second life 
petition: *„stop the visual suppression of account corpses"* has been 
extended to* december 31, 2008 *

( please subscribe here: www.movement-for-account-corpses.de / petition)

it’s rumoured that lindenlab, the second life company, has already 
become really nervous. who’s getting caught there chatting with an 
account corpse, is getting sacked immediately, so we’ve been told.

please take note of the following:

1) the sl-petition has - international media art award or not - really 
nothing to do with art, it is much more important.

2) the sl-petition is not made for your amusement, but it is of the most 
important importance that everybody really subscribes there, preferably 

3) your amusement is even much bigger if you really subscribe.

4) this email is no joke. everything is meant the way it’s written here.

long live the movement-for-account-corpses.de!
long live the supporters of the movment-for-account-corpses.de!

muji zapedzki (semi account corpse) & susanne berkenheger (producer of 
account corpses)


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