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<nettime-ann> V2_: Vacancy Senior Curator

V2_ Institute for the Unstable Media in Rotterdam has a VACANCY FOR A
SENIOR CURATOR as of November 2008.

This is a 4-day-a-week position.

V2_ was founded in 1981 and is currently located in the center of
Rotterdam. It has a presentation space, a media lab, a publishing house
and offices. V2_ is an interdisciplinary center for art, technology and
media that pays special attention to research. Thus, it has many
collaborative ties with institutions in various sectors (such as art,
universities and colleges, and the business world). This research
concentrates on the relationship between art, technology, media and
society and is made accessible through public presentations. Over the
past 25 years, a growing domestic and international audience has had the
opportunity at V2_ to get acquainted with prominent artists, thinkers
and projects in the field of art, media and technology through
exhibitions, presentations, symposiums and performances. V2_ currently
employs 24 permanent staff.

About the senior curator position
The position is focused on the development of V2_’s presentations,
exhibitions, conferences and other activities. The successful applicant
will have all necessary knowledge and experience in the
interdisciplinary sphere where art and technology meet, and to maintain
an international network of contacts in this area. Experience in putting
together international, interdisciplinary programs, exhibitions and
conferences is a must. In light of the international character of the
position, the curator must speak different languages (English at a
minimum) and be open to learn Dutch (if needed).
Because the position concerns interdisciplinary activities, the
successful applicant should be well-informed in multiple fields. General
knowledge in media theory is important.

We require:
- An inventive and creative person with a broad vision in the area of
art, technology, science and society, who is able to articulate and
translate it into presentations for the public as well as research.
- Experience in the conceptualization and realization of exhibitions,
conferences and hands-on presentations.
- Maintain an international, interdisciplinary network of contacts in
the field of art and technology.
- Outstanding communication skills and be a team worker.
- Good spoken and written command of at least English.
- At least a college or university degree.

The senior curator will work in a small team that is responsible for
researching and developing the public events at V2_ and play an
important role in developing pubic discours and theory in the context of
our activities.

We offer a part-time position (4 days a week), beginning on November 1st
2008 (starting date can be discussed).

Send a cover letter or email with a CV and a short explanation of why
you want the job to:
Alex Adriaansens (Director)
Eendrachtsstraat 10
3012 XL Rotterdam
telephone: +31 10 2067272
fax +31 10 206 7271
email <jobs@v2.nl>

Applications should be sent as soon as possible, but no later than
September 29, 2008.

For more information about V2_, please see our website, www.v2.nl, or
contact us at the address above.

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