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<nettime-ann> Drop Shadow Talk #6: Constant Dullaart

Talk 6 on May 25 (Tue), 7 pm @ BTK Berlin
Constant Dullaart:
"On Video Replies and YouTube as a Sculpture"
The Drop Shadow Talks *prolonged*
The digital drop shadow is the most popular effect in computer graphics today. Easily applied, it made its way to modern graphic design and advertising. It raises typography and objects from a flattened background into three-dimensionalityâand thus significance. With the current generation of operating systems the drop shadow effect entered the graphical user interface to a new extent. In this context it raises not only windows from background wallpapers; it also stands for a visually enriched interface that strives towards three-dimensionality. Loaded with rich imagery, photorealistic icons and pseudo three-dimensional configurations the graphical user interface yet remains tied to its ?at medium. Bewildered by this paradox, the graphical user interface leaves the office it was made for and becomes a pop culture phenomenon. The Drop Shadow Talks reply to current developments on the visually enriched layer for machine interaction. In the shades of evening lectures the Drop Shadow Talks present art and projects influuenced and inspired by the baroque graphical user interface.

This Talk
Constant Dullaart is a rising star that the exhibition circuit and the Drop Shadow Talks can no longer do without. Fresh from the Rijksakademie, he can always be found showing his work somewhere. He is a critic of the medium, highly active on the Internet, and is an equally talented critic of himself and of his vocation of contemporary visual artist. Constant Dullaartâs artistic strategy is not an unusual one: he investigates the newest medium that art offers him. But how different is Dullaartâs investigation of his medium from that of his predecessors in the history of art? What consequences does it have for the medium itself? In his Drop Shadow Talk Constant will show his recent works like âYouTube as a Sculptureâ and âDVD Screensaver Performanceâ and explain why video replies play a significant role in his artistic practice. The talk will be in English.
The talks are located at Berliner Technischen Kunsthochschule
in room J/K.
Admission is free.
Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule (BTK)
Hochschule fÃr Gestaltung (FH)
Bernburger StraÃe 24-25, D-10963 Berlin

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