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Libre Graphics Meeting 2010 Brussels Announces Final Program and Conference

Brussels. Thursday, May 20th 2010 - Libre Graphics Meeting announces
the immediate availability of the full schedule of talks, workshops,
demo sessions, and birds-of-a-feather meetings (BOFs) for LGM 2010, to
be held at De Pianofabriek in Brussels, Belgium, May 27-30.

As it has for the past five years, LGM 2010's planned sessions include
status reports from the major components of the open source graphics
suite: the Gimp, Krita, Inkscape, Blender, Scribus, the Open Clip Art
Library, and the Open Font Library. Talks include cross-application
collaboration topics such as color standards and fonts, and support
for critical file formats ranging from SVG vector graphics to AutoCAD

LGM 2010 will also put real-world application of open source graphics
on the agenda, including several talks from professional graphic
designers, print publishers, educators, typographers, and professional
design mentors.

In addition to the main program track, teams will host hands-on
workshops demoing Blender, Scribus, Phatch, Inkscape, and type-design.
BOFs are scheduled around OpenRaster, swatch formats, fonts, and color
management, as well as team meetings for the Gimp and Blender projects
and professional graphic designers.
This year's LGM will mark the debut of new releases from Inkscape,
sK1, LittleCMS, Open Font Library, and the premiere screening of the
trailer for the Blender Foundation's Project Durian animated movie,

About Libre Graphics Meeting 2010

Developers and users of Free, Libre and Open Source graphics software
will meet May 27-30 in Brussels at the fifth annual Libre Graphics
Meeting (LGM). The meeting space is truly unique -- an historic piano
factory, freshly renovated into a lively exhibition and workspace. LGM
2010 gives software developers, artists, designers and other graphics
professionals the opportunity to collaborate and learn from each
other. LGM emphasizes the sharing of collective creativity, innovation
and ideas and is free for everyone to attend.

Work at prior LGMs has pushed the state of the art in important areas
such as color management, cross-application sharing of assets, and
common formats.

Help a developer attend by supporting 10x10x10

LGM2010 continues its fundraising campaign called 10by10by10 to raise
$10,000 USD from grants, $10K from corporations and $10K from the
community. We have successfully raised $10K from grants and
corporations. We have only $3000 USD left to raise from the community
to complete our goal. Please help support developers attending the
conference now. We will keep the donations up until the end of
LGM2010. Please help support the hard work of many. The funds raised
from granting organizations, public, and corporate partners will allow
participants who have no other means of sponsoring their travel to
Brussels to attend the event.

Please donate: http://pledgie.com/campaigns/8926

All donations are tax deductible for US taxpayers. For larger
donations from corporations and individuals, contact us directly at

For More Information

For more information, visit http://www.libregraphicsmeeting.org

For the entire announced program, please visit: http://ur1.ca/021y1

Get involved by joining the Create mailinglist (http://create.freedesktop.org)

LGM 2010 is hosted by the Libre Graphics Community and Constant in
collaboration with De Pianofabriek, Master Networked Media and
Research programme Communication in a Digital Age (Piet Zwart
Institute, Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam) and the Bruxelles
Linux User Group (BXLUG).

Press Contact

Primary Contact
Constant (Association for Art and Media)
Fortstraat 5 1060 Brussels Belgium
T/F: T / F: + 32 2 539 2467
femke at constantvzw.org

Sponsoring Organization
Create Project and Libre Graphics Meeting
Contact: Jon Phillips
Contact email: jon@rejon.org
Phone (USA): +1.415.830.3884
 Website: http://libregraphicsmeeting.org/
Pledgie campaign: http://pledgie.com/campaigns/8926
Photos: http://ur1.ca/a34y

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