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<nettime-ann> REMINDER: CFP International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media (IJPADM) Mixed Reality Performance

Call for Papers The International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media (IJPADM) is seeking contributions to a special issue specifically relating to Mixed Reality and Performance.

Issue Editor: Alan Chamberlain (Mixed Reality Lab - University of Nottingham)

You are invited to submit full journal papers to the International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media (IJPADM) for a special issue on Mixed Reality and Performance. Mixed Reality performances have highlighted our ability to: exist, understand and concurrently engage with both virtual and real worlds in a performative way. The development of the technologies under-pinning such Mixed Reality systems have afforded performers, directors and developers the chance to create experiences that can both spatially and temporally explore the boundaries of performance and understand where and why performance occurs in everyday life. These experiences can exist in a multitude of realities, that not only blur the boundary between the real and the virtual, but also re-define the distinction between the roles of audience and performer, creating new audience/performer-based paradigms.

Although new technologies have furthered these possibilities, there are low-tech approaches that have explored the orchestration and directions of performance and used these mechanisms to convey experience, imbue presence and a sense of place.

Contributions may consider any of the following topics (although these are not prescriptive): full-length articles (ideally between 5000 and 8000 words)


     Exploring temporality and spatiality

     Understanding new audience/performer-based paradigms

     Directing and orchestrating mixed reality experiences

Mixing realities *

     Presence and place

     Content creation and development for mixed reality experiences

     Case studies

     Archival representation and re-play

Deadlines for the issue are as follows:

- Submission Deadline 1st June 2010

Submissions should be emailed to:

Dr Alan Chamberlain
Mixed Reality Lab
University of Nottingham
Jubilee Campus
Wollaton Road

All articles should be formatted in relation to this Style Guide, articles not following this standard may be rejected:

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