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International Conference of the Research Center SFB/FK615 Media Upheavals

10-11 June 2010

Siegen, Germany


In order to describe the profound structural change from "New Media" to "More Media", media and technology studies are currently reconstituting their fields of research, employing a double focus: on the social and cultural practices acting on their media, and on the media acting on their practices. Research in cultural and social studies has performed a "praxeological turn" and is increasingly investigating medial or mediatized phenomena. The conference "Media in Action" focuses on research that permits us to trace the mediating steps between people, artifacts and signs.

Abstracts are available online:
Attendance is free and open to all staff, students and members of the public.
Venue: Artur-Woll-Haus, Am Eichenhang 50, D-57076 Siegen


Thursday, 10 June 2010


14:00-14:45 h Introduction

Peter Gendolla and Tristan Thielmann


14:45-16:15 h

Finding and being found (Chair: Jochen Venus)

John Durham Peters: God and Google

Sean Cubitt: Governing Light in the Network


16:30-18.00 h

Sharing and being shared (Chair: Volker Wulf)

Thomas Haigh & Maria Haigh: Open Source Software Practices: Forgotten History of the 1950s and 1960s

Volker Grassmuck: Managing Copyrights: Technological Enforcement vs. Freedom


18:00-19:00 h Performance


Friday, 11 June 2010


9:00-10:15 h

Acting and being acted (Chair: Erhard Schüttpelz)

Seth Giddings: The Microethology of Humans and Nonhumans at Play

Ursula Plesner: Emails, Phones and Search Engines: Actants in Journalism


10:30-12:00 h

Mediating and being mediated (Chair: Jörg Potthast)

Antoine Hennion: Listen! Bodies, Mediations and Taste

Frédéric Vandenberghe: Mediation, Representation and the Constitution of Collective Subjectivities


14:00-15:30 h

Displacing and being displaced (Chair: Sigrid Barinhorst)

Ilpo Koskinen: Doing Things with Camera Phones - Or Doing the Same Old Things with...?

Nick Couldry: Some Paradoxes of MediaSpace


16:00-17:30 h

Mapping and being mapped (Chair: Tristan Thielmann and Peter Gendolla)

David Turnbull: Moving, Mapping, Knowing and Storying: Multiple Spatialities, the Possibilities of Emergence in the Digital Age

Bruno Latour: Is there a Successor to the Newspapers to Navigate Controversial Datascapes?

Contact: Dr. Tristan Thielmann, Research Center "Media Upheavals", University Siegen, Am Eichenhang 50, D-57076 Siegen, Mail:

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