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<nettime-ann> Subtle Technologies Festival 2011, Call for Submissions

Subtle Technologies Festival 2011
Toronto, June 2 â June 5 2011
Submission deadline: December 12 2010
Submission link: http://www.subtletechnologies.com/2011/?page_id=191

In 2011 The Subtle Technologies Festival celebrates its 14th year of
bringing people together to promote wonder, incite creativity and spark
innovation across disciplines.  Through symposia, exhibitions,
workshops, screenings and performances we provide a forum to pose and
explore questions and inspire work at the intersection of art, science
and technology. 

Next year's festival takes place from June 2 - 5, 2011 in Toronto. For
our 2011 event we are excited to be broadening the scope of our
programming  from a specific theme to be inclusive of all subjects that
bridge art and science. As knowledge becomes specialized,
compartmentalized and tagged it becomes more urgent to step back and
look at seemingly unconnected artistic practices and fields of research
to find new bridges and networks between them. For 2011 we will be
moving away from a single theme in an attempt to foster new
relationships and create new inter-disciplines. Based on submissions
received, a diverse program will be assembled to represent a wide range
of subjects and disciplines.

For the exhibition and performance portion of our program we typically
showcase work that is engaging and technology based. Our symposium is
made up of presentations, demonstrations and panel discussions that
range from 15 to 45 minutes in length. We are interested in hearing
successful stories from artists and scientists working together. We are
equally interested in hearing about some of the issues that prevent
disciplines from having stronger collaborations. What does the future
hold in terms of interdisciplinary work? What approaches can we take to
foster inter-cultural exchanges  when it comes to science or technology
based work?  How do we make complex  scientific systems more accessible
to artists as tools for creating new work? Possible areas to be explored
at the 2011 Festival from either an artistic or scientific approach
*	Acoustics
*	Alternative Energy
*	Artificial Intelligence
*	Astronomy
*	Bioinformatics
*	Biological Systems
*	Biometrics
*	Chemistry
*	Complexity
*	Computer Science
*	Consciousness
*	Environmental Science
*	Ethnobotany
*	Funding Strategies for Interdisciplinary Collaboration
*	Genetic Engineering
*	Hacking and DIY Culture
*	Imaging Techniques and Systems
*	Interactive Systems
*	Indigenous Science
*	Mathematics
*	Nanotechnology
*	Network Theory
*	Neuroscience
*	Pharmacology
*	Psychology
*	Physics
*	Robotics
*	Science and Society
*	Systems Theory
*	Transhumanism
*	Virtual Worlds

The above topics are only suggested topics for inclusion in the
Festival. Other topics within the realm of art, science and technology
will be considered. To send in a submission to the 2011 Festival please
visit our submissions page at:
We strongly advise that you also review our archives:
to get a better sense of our previous programming. 

Also check out ArtScienceCamp co-presented by Hart House and Subtle Technologies
at the University of Toronto
November 12,13 2010 

If you'd like to keep up with Subtle Technologies future events, You are
invited to join the Subtle Technologies mailing list at
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we will never share your information. 

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