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<nettime-ann> NEoN Debate - Digital Freedom

Title: NEoN Debate - Digital Freedom
Our final debate will look at digital freedom and will ask actually what does that statement mean or should mean? And do people know how to protect their freedom in a digital age?

As the digital age transforms society we become use to greater democracy and transparency but when they come under attack, who defends them? How do we negotiate the issues of freedom of _expression_ and creativity on something as complex as the Internet?  Join an expert panel, including Tim Dobson from the group Digital Freedom in Education and Youth, to discuss digital freedom.

Venue: GeneratorProjects, 25 Mid Wynd Ind Est., Dundee
Date: 26th October 2010
Time: 6pm – 8pm

Free entry  
Donna Holford-Lovell
Cultural Projects Officer

Institute of Arts, Media & Computer Games
White Space, University of Abertay Dundee
DD1 1HG. Tel: 0044 (1)382 308 777

08 - 14 November 2010


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