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<nettime-ann> LEA Digital Media Exhibition Platform: Winter 2011 - Planet Earth - in association with ASCI

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

To commence our 2011 program of online exhibitions, we are pleased to
join with Art & Science Collaboration, Inc. in re-presenting the works
of 21 international image-makers initially selected for ASCI's Digital
2010 – Planet Earth.

For this, the 12th international digital print exhibition, artists and
scientists were invited to submit original digital prints that reflect
their perceptions of our planet. Are these perceptions changing as we
learn more about Earth from explorers, scientists, and artists? What
is the relationship between all living things and planet Earth? What
images are evoked by calling it the "blue planet" or the "peaceful
planet" or the "changing planet"?  And how do the images that are
created to envision Earth, enable us to imaginatively grasp the "big
picture" of human impact on the whole planet and its future?

Founded in 1988, Art & Science Collaborations, Inc. (ASCI) is an
international organization based in New York City. Its mission is to
raise public awareness about artists and scientists using science and
technology to explore new forms of creative expression, and to
increase communication and collaboration between these fields. ASCI is
an open membership organization.

To find out more, visit the ASCI homepage []

Contributing Curator

Cynthia Pannucci (Director, ASCI)

Participating Artists

Linda Alterwitz (USA), Carol Ballenger (UK), Fred Casselman(USA) /
Mike Shane (Netherlands), Elaine Duigenan (UK), Ursula Freer (USA),
Peter Gudynas (UK), Torben Hoeke (Germany), Jeri Holt (USA), David
Hylton (USA), Mark Koven (USA), Janet Manalo (USA), Angela Manno
(USA), Yoichi Nagata (Japan), Mary Neubauer (USA), Ruth Robson (UK),
Jeremy Rotsztain (USA), Sam Smith (USA), George Steuer (USA),
Jiaya+Shih-Wen Young (USA)

LEA International Curatoriate
Lanfranco Aceti & Christiane Paul (Senior Curators), Vince Dziekan
(Digital Media Curator), Jeremy Hight (New Media Curator)

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For more information contact:
Ozden Sahin,

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