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tak 2 belou = chanszd upon lev tranzm!z!onz
approx 1 !ear pr!or. 

= uen zte!m.z !mag!ne\!ne = uaz dze mozt zttz realt!me program
= uen j.dekam = anounszd !pv = uaz !n dev - 

rezultat :

= !n 9 monthz = 01 perzon z!lenszd on !numerabl frontz + operat!ng alone
= haz outperformd + rendrd ultra null + null !n 01 ecztravagant faz!on
all konglomeratz :  zte!m. v2. !ntel. v!dvox. zte!nberg mar!onetz etc 


perm!t zom 1 2 zm!le at dze mult!-m!ll!on dollar zerfz 
+ dze!r mode ov operaz!on. = b! an! `ztandard` = d!zpozabl

konztataz!e :

= uat hapenz uen prekonzepz!on meetz ver!f!kaz!on +?
- nato.0+55 macht ganz gluckl!ch + fre! _||-

= 0+0 konglomerat kan kompet u!th 01 !nd!v!dual

eczept phpz : v!a ultra obtusz b!nar! `votez` dez!gnd
2 d!zkr!m!nat aga!nzt SUPERIOR l!f 4rmz +
propagat dze INFERIOR zerf genez   

v!a !ntelekzual! !mpover!schd 
argumentum ad populum - 01 dezp!kabl akt!v!t!


01 > elokuent verz!on ov abov - 

= zplend!d. konz!der!ng krnt ztate ov dz!ngz.
!.e. zlav!sch genez++  _

c!ao. nn.

       altruism will often be most pronounced when groups first form.

       males who monopolized access to band
       females during the breeding season did not sire most offspring.

       a candidate explanation for the evolution of eusociality is 
       that helpers are physiologically constrained such that helping 
       is their only realistic option. 

       testing this subfertility hypothesis 
       in a species of facultatively eusocial hover wasp (hymenoptera, stenogastrinae: 
       liostenogaster flavolineata) by seeing whether helpers that were forced 
       to nest on their own were able to mature their own eggs. one focal helper 
       was left alone on each of 22 nests, from which all other adult wasps 
       (including the dominant) were permanently removed. after 18 days, 
       all but one of the 19 focal helpers that remained on their nests 
       had ovarian development and insemination status characteristic of dominants, 
       and the majority had probably laid eggs. this was in striking contrast to the  
       reproductive status of other helpers removed from the same nests at the start 
       of the experiment. these results provide convincing experimental evidence 
       that females do not become helpers because of some unconditional physiological 

       do i contradict myself ?
       very well then - i contradict myself.
       i am large. i contain multitudes. ww.


       = phpz @ 01 l!n!e !n modl c!t!zn t!me = komprehend
       = phpz @ 01 l!n!e !n modl c!t!zn t!me = komprehend
       = phpz @ 01 l!n!e !n modl c!t!zn t!me = komprehend

>>02 _

temperatur. pa!n. !r!taz!on + preszur.




        dze ep!thel!um ov dze pup!llae.
        dze zueet.zalt!.zour.+ b!tr taztez
        dze l!ngual branch. komme ca -> superb source for korporat fascist antibodies.

                                                meeTz ver!f1kat!ěn.     


Netochka Nezvanova
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