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> Tell me what its like to be you.
>p.s. ?During the period of ecclesiastical domination, from the fifth century
>to the fifteenth, there was a certain conflict between what was
>theoretically believed and what was actually felt. I think I was actually

for in much wisdom is much grief 
and it that increaseth knowledge 
increaseth sorrow.  - ecclesiastes

        ||  s e n t i m e n t _ b a s e d

        the feminin is sentiment_based. the net_institute etches neither the
        intellectual class nor male culture. the net_institute utilizes
        sentiments as the universal kode.  the net_institute smiles
        at inkompetent male marionettes' failed attempts at eloquence. 



     N[>] IMF - the International Meme Fund
              - shear pathway to the core. 
              - promoting meme development. lokomotion. + reinvestment. 
              - meme sekurity + meme transaktions. [>] 

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