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> Relax. No, it is not about meeting God in person. The experience proposes
> only to see our "invisible hand" at work, that is to feel how a "human
> collective" can observe and act upon itself. Yap, nowdays the net creates
> conditions for a brand new anthropological experience : to have all of us
> in the simultanious position of being both observer and observed. What
> happens then? What kind of new perspective does it create? These are the
> questions we will be confronted with on ...

hé merdre !

Could you add some blinking banners in your scientific invitation please :
"how surprising the ricardo's invisible hand in the pants of my sister" or
more tronger "how to observe ourself probably having a wank in the famous
mirror holding all along the way", and epitome "as we can't show the too
busy god of the global market, could we speak together of our feeling of the
wide and length of its deep setting dick in our ass"
your fool's game is much more disturbing than the table-turning, cause
really I never heard of a so stubborn determination for invocating the grand
phynancier pumper, whom evocation just give me much more intestinal gas than
both the jeovah witnesses and all the scientologists I would speak of a full
lengh and a full large apparition of the terrifying ubu himself with his
scepter, the truth drug syringe, I would speak of course of sa pompe a

> --->  Thursday May 11, from 14:00 to 15:00 PM (UTC/GMT)


> .. during a new session of the POETIC GENERATOR (an experiment of
> collective graphic interaction in real time on the net) organized on the
> invitation of the BREAK21 festival www.break21.com/en/netart/ (Ljubljana,
> Slovenia).


> Participate --->  http://www.enst.fr/~auber
> --------------------------------------------------[Français]


> Theophanie Assitee par Ordinateur : un modele du NASDAQ?


> ------------------------------------------------------------
> relax.


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