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[Nettime-bold] "Po]mo.rtemizm[e.try" they saye

i flik[N flitt] n do not phollow dah thred, m-mer]t[zed n n-other wurld of
straighte jakkette wurds and[N ego n supahegoh] con[nned]ceptz....

koonz::rampantlee full-blown with his own senzeologi, stealin and
pro-moting his warez u[gh]nder ze bannah ov art, ov credit, hidin b-hind ah
po[st]-mo[rtemizm] blind[in all n wrapping a slitsugah caul round criticz N
]a[pe.erz ah-like]

warhol:: b-hind N [pre]curs[whored]ed, films jangelleing into a
blandosphere of, cannz N orderz stacked and pakked in2 a
space d-void of rampant the]sis[whorized actz....

]du.chomp.chomp.chomping.champing theye bothe wanted 2 B but whurrn't[
shock:: 1 ]wo[man'z shock izz n-other purr.sonz]N daught.turrz[ phollie...
i wrotte 1nce of ah woman trapped and cuttbound, got shocked Re:sponzez and
ape.pall.ed mouthz ah.gape fromme thoze ztill content 2 watch the newz and
glaze eyez withe]?[b...

[shock 1:: a man wanduhz hizz house, handz wringing, phone silent]
[shock2:: a paintah sitz and starez @ the man, frantic-tocklee whurrin his
warez onto canvas, capturing the anguished footflighte N man's facemask]




data]h![bleede-inge un.till it hertz              

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