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[Nettime-bold] book expansion mutation

>> Relax. No, it is not about meeting God in person. The experience proposes
>> only to see our "invisible hand" at work, that is to feel how a "human
>> collective" can observe and act upon itself. Yap, nowdays the net creates
>> conditions for a brand new anthropological experience : to have all of us
>> in the simultanious position of being both observer and observed. What
>> happens then? What kind of new perspective does it create? These are the
>> questions we will be confronted with on ...

"porculus" <>

>h merdre !
>Could you add some blinking banners in your scientific invitation please :
>"how surprising the ricardo's invisible hand in the pants of my sister" or
>more tronger "how to observe ourself probably having a wank in the famous
>mirror holding all along the way", and epitome "as we can't show the too
>busy god of the global market, could we speak together of our feeling of the
>wide and length of its deep setting dick in our ass"
>your fool's game is much more disturbing than the table-turning, cause
>really I never heard of a so stubborn determination for invocating the grand
>phynancier pumper, whom evocation just give me much more intestinal gas than
>both the jeovah witnesses and all the scientologists I would speak of a full
>lengh and a full large apparition of the terrifying ubu himself with his
>scepter, the truth drug syringe, I would speak of course of sa pompe a

allo porculus

splendid mapping of the neurally expressed gene.
as selekt life forms = aware am kurrently kompiling data for one book type book.
expressing desire in inkorporating above +? 
do you rekall the orig author aussi +?

extracellular signal. 
 -> superb source for male fascist antibodies.

                                                meeTz ver!f1kat!n.     


Metka Ravnik-Glava
                                                     |  +----------
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