porculus on Thu, 11 May 2000 15:12:46 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-bold] Re: book expansion mutation

> allo porculus
good lord, my old bud wc+ who replies from his moderate <nettime>list. if
your medium is a message, or the reverse, i has forgot.. you know how i
prefer some corner for outpouring yet. too bad for the others.
> splendid mapping of the neurally expressed gene.
well thanx wc+, even if i donít understand all except I trust in your
integer avatar as a plus tax of floating comma of perfidy free guarantee.
> as selekt life forms = aware am kurrently kompiling data for one book type
> book.
if i am confortable with all your gothic ekzematous feed back even so i doní
t feel at ease with your moderate retorik, it sounds as a porno star in
sunday outfit
> expressing desire in inkorporating above +?
Ho you speak about the tribe of 2 or 3 liter of your blood needed for
featuring ubu and you think I was a bit stingy. with him better to be so
> do you rekall the orig author aussi +?
sure, the one who said the philosophy was just a literary genre, near the
goth!c subsection fiction. but i donít remember if he said eczematous one
> extracellular signal.
hope you will be certain of my much more libidinous response
> ciao.nn.
quand tu veux

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