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[Nettime-bold] Chris Rowland - Fishion

New Media Scotland and The Collins Gallery present:

Chris Rowland - Fishion

13 May to 10 June 2000, Collins Gallery, Glasgow

A new interactive artwork, which takes the form of a shallow circular pool
of water that can be approached from all sides. The surface of the water is
continually rippling gently, its depth is imperceptible due to its colour.
As the viewer approaches the pool a sequence of animated images are seen
fleeting across the surface. The viewer looks into the pool and the images
change, the viewers reflection mingles with animated reflections that
cascade across the rippling water.

Sometimes a face looks back, then a shoal of fish-like people swim just
beneath the surface. The sky is reflected in the pool and the viewer can
see the clouds form as a storm begins. The sound of the water changes
depending on where the viewer stands or kneels. A voice can be heard
telling a secret or offering a warning. The images and sound are different
depending on the time of day that the viewer experiences the work. A lone
viewer will see and hear something different to a group of three or four.

'Fishion' explores memory and secrets. The artist is using new computer
graphics techniques to elicit responses from the viewer. The work is also
concerned with humanity's attempts to organise or regiment nature.
'Fishion' creates an environment where the inhabitants seem to be waiting,
only coming near as the viewer approaches them. The inhabitants apear to be
composed from natural phenomenon such as smoke, water and fire. Chris
acheived these effects using advanced computer animation systems and layers
of digital video.

A web cam will convey the experience on the New Media Scotland website.
'Fishion' is the first of ten Digital Art Commissions supported by New
Media Scotland. Further commissions will occur across Scotland throughout
the year.

For further information, and to view the web cam, visit:

Or contact:

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New Media Scotland                 Tel. +44 141 564 3010
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