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[Nettime-bold] PLanetwork Webcast

For Release May 11, 2000

PLANETWORK Announces Partners for "QuickTime Video Streaming" at Weekend 
Conference on Information Technology and Global Ecology

San Francisco—The PLANETWORK team announced today four partners who will assist 
in producing the live ‘webcast’ version of the PLANETWORK conference this 
weekend at the Presidio's Golden Gate Club, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 
Bitmovers Networks, Sorenson Media, Terran Interactive, and Apple Computer are 
collaborating to provide equipment, software, and technical expertise to assist 
in compression and broadcast of QuickTime video and audio from the conference 

PLANETWORK webcast director and technical advisor, James Kalin, who will also be 
conducting a workshop on web audio/video streaming and compression, puts it this 
way, "We've brought together companies and a team of experts to show off some of 
the best capabilities of audio and video on the web. We will be showing 
conference attendees precisely how to do what we're doing so they can do it 
themselves. The idea of PLANETWORK is to build community and begin dialogues 
about how we can use digital technology to support environmental work.  Our 
video and audio efforts will illustrate a few of the many ways to do that." 

‘Webcasting,’ as it is called, is a means of broadcasting, or ‘streaming,’ video 
and audio over the Internet. People who are not able to be physically present in 
San Francisco this weekend but who have Internet access will be able to sign on 
to, log-on with an email address, and view portions 
of the conference in live audio and video format. Viewing the conference at this 
site is free.

One of the Quicktime video streams will be from a camera on a Mac laptop, 
connected to the Internet via Apple's wireless Airport technology. This roving-
cam will capture live video of what is happening on the conference floor 
including interviews with conference staff and attendees. Another of the streams 
will feature an interview room covering live on-air discussions with speakers 
and various media representatives from radio, television, newspaper, and online 
media, some from as far away as France. The third stream will feature a live mix 
of video from cameras in the four speaker and panel presentation rooms.

QuickTime streaming video and audio live feeds will be created using Sorenson 
Broadcaster software from Sorenson Media, running on one laptop Mac G3 and two 
desktop Mac G4s.  The three streams of QuickTime video originating at the San 
Francisco conference site will be sent to Bitmovers in Canada, who will 
replicate the streams as many times as needed in order to send them to multiple 
web viewers simultaneously.  Portions of the streams will be captured and 
compressed locally at the conference, using Terran's Media Cleaner Pro software.

PLANETWORK is still accepting registrations for the conference. For a complete 
listing of speakers and forums, or to register online, see the PLANETWORK 
website at Or contact PLANETWORK at 415-436-0123 
(voicemail) or 415-621-7790 (fax). PLANETWORK is a project of Social and 
Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE), a California 501c3 non-profit organization.

For further information:
Cate Gable
Axioun Communications International
Voice: 510-644-0193
Fax: 510-644-0194

Jurgen Schaub
for Bitmovers Networks Inc 
toll free 877 507 4562

Kevin Poulsen 
Marcom Manager
for Sorenson Media
Office:  801-287-9403

Anne Lewis
For Terran Interactive
408-356-7373, xtn 226

Tad Shelby
for Apple Seed Programs

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