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[Nettime-bold] Search Engine: Greg Sholette

On Sunday, June 11 Greg Sholette of REPOhistory will kick-off SEARCH ENGINE,
a new series of occasional artist talks and demos hosted by NOMADS

Sholette's presentation entitled "REPOhistory: Anatomy of an Urban Art
Project" will take place at 7:00 pm at the District of Columbia Art Center
(DCAC), 2438 18th Street, NW in the Adams-Morgan neighborhood of Washington,
DC. He will discuss CIRCULATION, REPOhistoryıs current public art and
web-based project, as well as aspects of the collectiveıs past work.

REPOhistory <> is a decade old interdisciplinary
art collective based in NYC which develops public art projects with strong,
alternative social commentary.  The collective has launched projects in NYC,
Atlanta and Houston which retrieve and relocate absent historical narratives
through counter-monuments, signage, actions, and events. CIRCULATION,
REPOhistoryıs most recent project, involves over 30 artists creating public
art objects -post cards, magnets, stickers, zines -that "circulate"
throughout the city, and a series of web-based projects that flow through
cyberspace, all exploring the social, aesthetic and economic history of
human blood.

DCAC is accessible via the number 42 Bus and the Woodley Park/Zoo-Adams
Morgan metro station. A commercial parking lot is available at 18th Street
and Belmont Road.

A $2.00 donation is requested at the door. The event is free for DCAC

For more information contact <>.

NOMADS thanks the District of Columbia Arts Center
<> for their generous support of this event.

Laura McGough
Co-Director, NOMADS

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