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Nunavut Heritage Fair website: 

The Canadian Heritage Fairs program was piloted in three Nunavut communities
this year: Kugluktuk, Arviat and Iqaluit. The fairs take place at the local,
regional, and national level, similar to our annual science fairs. 

They provide an opportunity for students from 10 to 14 years old to research
and share topics of interest concerning their family, community, Inuit
culture, and Inuit history. The local fairs were held in the participating
schools in Arviat, Kugluktuk, and Iqaluit in April and May and four projects
were chosen from each community to go on to the 'virtual'regional fair. The
winning projects have been entered onto the Nunavut Heritage Fair web site:

Students involved in the winning projects were: Katie Sammon, Andrea
Verreault, Jessica Sage, Haley Anawak, Nastania Mullin, Connie Mark, Mark
Pallister, Sileema Anguyuak, Mialisa Noah, Anita Killabuk, Levina Munick,
Taqialoo  Michael, Olivia Kovic, Ulaaju Peter, and Jamis Qaunirq from
Iqaluit; April Pigalak, Mila Kamingoak, and Melissa MacDonald from
Kugluktuk; and Sherrie Lee Angalik, Stephanie Gibbons, Evan Freeman, Olivia
Tagalik, Lori Flynn, Onerk Kalluak, Dianna Owlijoot, and Lisa Malla from
Arviat. The teachers involved were Brenda Mercer, Christine Poirier, Belina
Carter, Leslie Holtby, Paul Meggs, Carol Horn, and Martine St-Louis. Five
winners from the regional competition will represent Nunavut in Ottawa at
the National Heritage Fair from July 10 to 17. The judges for the regional
fair consist of the grade 12 students from each of the three communities, a
representative from Culture, Language, Elders and Youth (Attima Hadlari),
Inuit Heritage Trust (Rhoda Arreak), Sustainable Development (Sandy Buchan),
l'Association des francophones de Nunavut (Stephane Beaudin), and an elder,
Pissuyui Anoee.

> Please visit our students' projects on the Nunavut Heritage Fair web site!
It is hoped that students and teachers who visit the web site will be
interested in joining in the fair next year.


Sue Ball
Secondary School Coordinator
Early Childhood and School Services Division
Nunavut Department of Education
Box 8000, Arviat, NU, X0C 0E0
phone: 867-857-3059; fax: 867-857-3090
email: sball@gov.nu.ca

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