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[Nettime-bold] ERICA Prize or The Ericsson Internet Community Awards

The Ericsson Internet Community Awards(ERICA) 
seek to transcend borders by using the Internet and technology as a platform
to exchange ideas and information, while building a community that is based
on cooperation, innovation and partnership. 
Now in its second year, ERICA 2000 will award $500,000 (U.S.) worth of Web
development services provided by Ericsson Internet & Wireless Solutions to
five winners. This prize provides valuable tools and resources to non-profit

"The ERICA program grew out of Ericsson's strong commitment to use
technology to connect people and improve lives, " said Kennet Rådne,
President, Ericsson Business Consulting. "Ericsson is bridging the digital
divide by developing Internet-based applications to expand and increase
philanthropic goals and aspirations of non-profit organizations." 

The ERICA program provides non-profit organizations throughout the world
with new hi-tech and innovative tools to expand and develop their
philanthropic goals and aspirations. 

Save these ERICA dates 

June 5, 2000: Bridging the Digital Divide, Dan Geiger OpNet 

July 17, 2000: Submission process closes 

September 6, 2000: Online Fundraising, David Scholtz, AllCharities.com 

September 15, 2000: Finalists Announced 

September 15-25, 2000: People's Choice Awards 

October 21, 2000: ERICA Awards Gala and Winner's Announcement 

Published: May 16, 2000

Welcome to the Ericsson Internet Community Awards (ERICA), where exceptional
minds and creators of phenomenal philanthropic ideas meet to shape concepts
and realize visions. 
Ericsson, the founder of this Web-based philanthropic awards program, has
been a global leader in the data and telecommunication industries for more
than 125 years. Ericsson, together with its circle of technology and
philanthropy partners, invites you to join the ERICA community by exploring
the endless possibilities offered to philanthropic organizations such as
your own. 

Visit THE PRIZE to find out how you can win a share of $500,000 US worth of
Web development services, available to any registered non-profit
organization anywhere in the world. 

Lars A Stålberg, Senior Vice President of Public Affairs at Ericsson, speaks
about ERICA.

Selection Criteria 

ERICA is designed to identify the most valuable, creative and significant
new Internet projects to aid the nonprofit community and bring these best
ideas from vision to reality. Ericsson will award five prizes of up to
$100,000 each in technical services to nonprofits that demonstrate how the
Internet can be used to meet a critical community need. 

Proposals will be screened by a professional philanthropic consulting
company, which will review and rate each submission based on the point value
system as outlined in the application. The highest scoring entries will be
sent to the ERICA Non-Profit Advisory Council, which is comprised of leaders
from the non-profit community who have actively advocated the adoption of
technology. Business and Internet pioneers from the ERICA judging panel will
then review the 20 finalists and select the five winners. 

Ericsson is seeking projects that incorporate the following: 

Project Purpose 
Each project will be judged on the overall purpose of the proposed project,
how it meets a demonstrated need and its potential impact on the community.
In defining the purpose of the project, applicants must 1) identify a
specific problem(s) or need(s) within the community; (2) propose a workable
and achievable means of addressing the community's problem(s) employing
Web-based communications; and (3) identify anticipated outcomes that are
both realistic and measurable. 

Each project will be rated on the degree to which the proposed project
demonstrates innovation and is exemplary. Judges will determine whether a
proposed project involves the development or demonstration of promising new
strategies and the potential replicability of the proposed project,
including its potential for implementation in a variety of new settings. 

Each project will be rated on its overall feasibility and its plan of
implementation. Applicants must address the qualifications, including
training and experience, of key project personnel, the adequacy of support
and other resources from the organization and the potential for continued
support and maintenance of the project. 

Community Involvement 
Each project will be rated on the overall level of community involvement in
its development and implementation. Judges will pay particular attention to
the strength and diversity of support for the project from the end users and
community partners. 

Published: March 26, 2000

Ericsson Internet Community Awards (ERICA) 
c/o Edelman Public Relations 
1200 Brickell Avenue, Suite 500 
Miami, Florida 33131 
Facsimile: 305.358.1270 


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> A Call for Applications:
> ERICA:  The Ericsson Internet Community Awards
> Offering five prizes of $100,000 USD in web development services to any
> registered non-profit organization anywhere in the world with an
innovative idea for a web-based application.
> The ERICA program is designed to help non-profits use the Internet to
> realize their missions and share visionary ideas for community 
> building in today's technology-driven world.  More information about 
this year's awards program, including a list of application ideas already 
submitted and details on the winning applications from last year can 
be found at http://www.ericsson.com/erica.
> In an effort to reach as many non-profit organizations as possible, I am
> sending this email with the request that you take a look at our program;
> consider posting a link on your site and/or bulletin boards; and perhaps
> pass it along to others that may also be interested.  If you 
have any more questions or would like a hard copy of the information kit 
mailed to you, please let me know.
> Sincerely,
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