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Title: Executive Guild Membership ApplicationResponse-O-Matic Form
Dear Candidate,

You were recently selected by The Office of the Managing
Director for a free listing on The International Executive
Who's Who.

Our Researchers gather information from many recognized
sources, including professional associations and societies,
trade organizations, newspaper and magazine articles,
professional reference publications, web presence, and
referrals from existing members.

As a highly respected professional in your field of
expertise, we believe your contributions merit very
serious consideration for inclusion on The International
Executive Who's Who.  To maintain the highest
level of accuracy, we ask you fill out the brief bit of
information below required for inclusion.

There is no cost or obligation to be listed on The
International Executive Who's Who.

My Sincere Thanks,

Lorraine A. Michaels
Office Of Managing Director

The International Executive Who's Who is not affiliated or associated with Marquis Who's Who.

If you wish to be removed from our list, please submit your request
at the bottom of this email.

International Executive Who's Who
Registration Form
(US and Canada Only)

Please fill out this form if you would like to be included on The International Executive Who's Who. For accuracy and publication purposes, please complete and send this form at the earliest opportunity. There is no charge or obligation to be listed on The International Executive Who's Who.

Your Name
Your Company
State or Province
Country USACanada
ZIP/Postal Code
Day Time Telephone
Home Phone
(Not To Be Published)


Your Business
(Financial Svcs, Banking, Computer Hardware, Software, Professional Svcs, Chemicals, Apparel, Aerospace, Food, Government, Utility, etc.)
Type of Organization
(Mfg, Dist/Wholesaler, Retailer, Law Firm,
Investment Bank, Commercial Bank, University,
Financial Consultants, Ad Agency, Contractor, Broker, etc.)
Your Business Expertise
(Corp.Mgmt, Marketing, Civil Engineering,
Tax Law, Nuclear Physics, Database Development, Operations, Pathologist, Mortgage Banking, etc.)
Major Product Line
(Integrated Circuits, Commercial Aircraft, Adhesives, Cosmetics, Plastic Components, Snack Foods, etc.)

Note: Submitting this form will be made by email, not by use of www.  Confirmation of its delivery is made by browsing your outgoing mail.

Thank you for filling in this form, we will contact you with more information.

The International Executive is not affiliated or associated with Marquis Who's Who.

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