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when you chose to validate artmuseum mafia schemes online


a dozen 
presumably migrant mexican/california vineyard workers 
wade across chest-deep Russian River 
guitars held overhead
a box of Pacifica and the songs continue

my pathetic gringo Santana cover-band bar upstream
strives to sound like the amplified sound of re-processed success
non-portable non-transferable non-negotiable
oops! this table is reserved good-bye
and look david has new lovely brass button boyfriends


but on this island, in this room: the faint rumble 
the standing hum of a place that passes all understanding

every fully modeled object became a machine. and every change in an

object's catalogue altered the way that machine ran. leaves programmed the

light that fell on them. a branch in the air modeled the wind that waved

it, and wind bent that bough through the arc of its own prediction. for

there was no real difference, finally, between property and behaviour,

data and command. 

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