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[Nettime-bold] CALL FOR PAPERS--Polygraph 13: "Film Studies and Postmodernism"


Polygraph 13: "Film Studies and Postmodernism"

Polygraph 13 will create a dialog between two hitherto disjointed
fields: Film Studies and Theories of Postmodernism. Why have these
disciplines remained relatively autonomous, despite their shared
interests in both visual culture and technology?

We invite papers that critique the theoretical framework separating Film
Studies and Theories of Postmodernism. We also invite papers that
attempt to bridge this disciplinary gap by combining the practical
methodologies of each.

Deadline for submissions: Sept 15th, 2000.

Issue Editor: Alex Galloway

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Polygraph is an international journal of culture and politics affiliated
with the Literature Program at Duke University.

Email papers in Word format to, or mail papers to
Polygraph, Box 90670, Duke University, Durham, NC, 27708, USA. 

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