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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Interview with Peter Lunenfeld

now that we've addressed taking Wired at face value, i'd be curious for the
bunch's thoughts on castells . . .

any takers?

Peter Lunenfeld wrote:

> Dear Richard --
> There was no misunderstanding to clear up. In fact, your rephrasing, "the
> New World makes good things and thinks lazy thoughts," rankles even more
> than the original.
> It should come as no surprise that some of the earliest critiques of West
> Coast techno-libertarianism originated cheek to jowl with the hype. Take
> "Teenage Mutant Ninja Hackers: Reading Mondo 2000" by Vivien Sobchack.
> Sobchack originated this dead-on dissection of "optimistic cynicism" and
> "the ambivalence of mondoid desire" as a short piece for Artforum in 1991
> while she was still living in Santa Cruz, and then expanded it for Mark
> Dery's Flame Wars in 1993, after she had moved to LA. So, don't blame
> California (much less the whole of the New World) if too many Europeans
> took WIRED at face value. "The New World: Thinking rigorous thoughts since
> 1776."
> Yours --
> Peter
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