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[Nettime-bold] The next I-CANDY is on 20th August

            ON A GOOD TIP -  LIVE ELECTRO  ->  I - C A N D Y

                  STARTS EARLY DOORS OPEN @ 7pm CST
                   ONLINE NETCAST STARTS @ 9pm CST

	                     SUN JULY 9
	                     ENIGMA BAR
                          173 Hindley St West

                      YOUR CANDYLAND COHORTS ARE

                              Subspatial Audio
                              Dan Freak
                              Safari Brothers
                              Skylark Audio

                By special arrangement ENTRY IS FREE.
                Drink specials are on for the night.
                All artists are attempting to have CD
                product available for purchase.
                  Please bring some xtra cash to buy
                  some quality takehome electronica.

I-CANDY is an event occuring every 6 weeks at Enigma, Hindley Street, 
Adelaide. The next one is on 20th August. The aim of the event is to 
profile emerging and established electronic sound artists (primarily 
from Adelaide). Eight artists perform each time and the rules are 
strictly LIVE PERFORMANCE only. Each time an I-CANDY occurs 4 artists 
are asked back from previous gigs to play again and 4 new acts are 

Comprising of both a physical event and Netcast, I-CANDY is promoted 
on the ground in Adelaide by the use of TIP cards (distributed by the 
artists), and on the net via email and online radio stations.

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