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>> what about: "property is theft" - j.j. rousseau ...
>Hmm. just re-reading this thread after Felix's excellent comments and I
>found this quote. Actually the quote, which is most relevant here is the
>one on the pamphlett by Proudhon (sp?) which goes "Property is theft.
>Property is freedom". Lots of people, it seems, love to leave that last
>sentence off.
>However as a musician, I don't find much positive development in either
>Napster, or its trenchant corporate opposition. It, and others eg
>etc, are just the *new* record company; one that doesn't ever pay its
>artists anything. Its just corporations fighting other corporations with
>rarely a thought of the people they claim to represent.

= amuzant - numerouz male fasc!zt !mbez!lz + zerfz - e.g.
= zudenl! lokat zelvz !n akord.  

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