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A reviewer (, September 24, 1999,  
White Collar Poverty -- America's Secret Shame
What if the most intelligent, honest, hard-working Americans were being quietly shuffled out of the American mainstream
and becoming the next generation of street people, welfare addicts, and suicide bombers? This book makes a convincing
case that not only is this trend a reality, but that it is a willful move by corporate America aimed at slashing long-term
high-tech labor costs. Where, then, are American corporations finding replacement workers to stoke the furnaces of the
high-tech era? Nadeau's book reveals the sources. Hundreds of thousands of foreign 'temp workers' imported each year;
nurses and secretaries retrained to replace PhD's and programmers over age 35; college fresh-outs recruited at half the
salary of the workers they replace. By combining numerous real-world stories -- a homeless 'bag lady' with 3 Engineering
degrees, a former NASA engineer forced into working in a Chinese sweatshop -- along with a variety of news tidbits (the
stock market rise coincides neatly with the trend of firing older workers, which began to accelerate about seven years ago),
Nadeau weaves a tale of deception, disappointment, and decadence that leads to a shocking yet unavoidable conclusion.
Business and government leaders as well as mainstream citizens need to read this sobering account of the death of the American high-tech career path. 

Also recommended: Silicon Snake Oil, The Closing of the American Mind, 
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