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[Nettime-bold] The Genius 2000 Conference 2000: Genius 2000

This is just a preliminary announcement for this year's Conference, which 
will focus on Genius 2000 itself as concept, text, media object, etc. 

The subtopics are:

1.  Gnosticism Inc.
2.  The Genius 2000 Conference 1999  
3.  New Media Leadership
4.  Max Herman
5.  The Genius 2000 Video First Edition  
6.  What Keeps People Fighting?
7.  Art and Poverty After 1984 (Net Art to Date)

Participants are welcome to submit work relating to Genius 2000, any of the 
above subtopics, or any topics called to mind by the ones printed here.  
Information about Genius 2000 is available at www.geocities.com/~genius-2000 
and by querying "Genius 2000" or "Max Herman" at www.rhizome.org.

The format of submissions should be either text (email is fine, send to 
nmherman@aol.com) , small-file images like jpegs, or urls.  The Conference 
will have some server space available but not enough for video or sound 
files.  (Anyone willing to host such submissions please contact me.)  Actual 
tapes or CD's are welcome, and can be sent to an address TBA.

The Conference will be held at a Minneapolis, MN location TBA, beginning 
Sept. 15 and running until the 22nd.  Public presentation of submissions will 
depend on available space, technology, people, etc.  All material received 
before Sept. 10 will be considered and placed on the site if possible.  A 
list discussion will also run during the Conference and be archived.  
Recordings or other documentation of verifiably simultaneous "mirror 
conferences" will be accepted, along the same terms, for a Conference 
follow-up archive.

Last of all, I need five volunteers to act as judges to award the prizes for 
Best Male Presenter, Best Female Presenter, and the Golden Palm for Lifetime 
Achievement.  (The judges must be willing to review numerous submissions and 
agree to reach consensus on the three prizes.)  

Thanks for your interest,

Max Herman
The Genius 2000 Network

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