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[Nettime-bold] conscious of our consumption

> we can fight our addictions too
Don't imagine I would just talk about the epitome of you says is for selling
something ones have to bust a gut till for titillating again your so tired gland of
consumer which are essentially your addiction principle, as selfihness or your
penchant for sodomie and so on worst veiled turpitude I doesn't want to know, but I
try to unveiled your last word "too", as if you would speak about a kind of duplicity
in the addictionning way of consumption from where could simply come the good itself.
And epitome cause the top couldn't be without virginal snow, look in NY article on
objective marketing feed back (where I have to subscribe for 'free' advertising)  it
is question of ' honesty of participants and their willingness to keep pushing button
' did you imagine where 'honesty' get into ? and deep? I take very seriously this
possibly that advertising could be a beyond of the tragedy, and more extraordinary a
beyond of romantism itself which is passably well twisted, and the consumer could be
just an invisible but real historical hero. May be it's impossible from California to
understand how it could be not an ultimate of cynism i.e. a plurimegatonne explosion
in classical understanding that 2 guys could exchange their opinion just and only
cause before a peanuts compagnie has given $ for advertising and for 'conveying the
convenience of relashionship' as molière would have said, and in more for saying so
responsible things i.e. nothing that could splitter shit in the fan as ..i don't
know, got idea ..? yes you have one and be sure I am convince of your sincerity as
you will be of mine
> prisons are places where we take away people's responsibility
why I am flabbergasted by this idea you primary see the prisons are made firstly for
enlightening those who are out ? how could you so efficiently suggest the words
accompanying consumption is an irresponsible game only after an hard day of job, a
recess time after an hard day of responsibility and dumbness ? is it the bad is so
exhausted then it could be suggested as a big and a bit ridiculous and a bit naked
mama at home? Don't be suspicious of my fat female sight of bad, after all it's just
my pleasure, and everybody could see as thin male one according to her/his one, but I
will say if you see it as a santa at morning and before going at work then danger,
danger to go to jail before lunch.. but sure, sure.. we could fight our addiction
too, in another hand market value goes down. rather hold tight teeth daylong and
tightrope tonight;


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