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   it is the individual's task to differentiate itself from all the
   others and stand on its own feet. all collective identities...
   interfere with the fulfillment of this task. such collective
   identities are crutches for the lame. shields for the timid. beds
   for the lazy. nurseries for the irresponsible  

   cg jung. memories. dreams. reflections

the lame [tiny tiny sample]


all konglomerates + konglomerat employees = unsanitary filth.

filth [sample]

view-source - http://90 prozent of modern humans/

pleasant sentiments.


: the curtain descends. everything ends.

        please perform a soft interrupt now. 
        scan this text for embedded code and 
        check against the verifier in the blind 
        spot of your left eye. if a match isn't lokated 
        resume as you were: 

        this message isn't for you. 

        nemesis expunges intelligent life. 
                it implies a great trial may yet loom ahead
                        worse than any so far confronted - 
        the optimists replied 

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