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<nettime> Chain of camps and actions against the borderregimes

Dear friends!

I will try to give a summary of the different topics at the no
border-meeting in Poznan in the next days. But I want to start today
with the most urgent issue: the planned chain of actions and camps
against the borderregimes. Next week, from the 13th until the 19th of
July, the first camp will start in Poland, in the triangle to Ukraine
and Slovakia. About 100 people are expected, particularly activists from
Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Slovakia and Bulgaria will take part and a
deeper east-west-european exchange and working together should be one of
the important results. Ten days later (29th of July) the camp in Forst
near Cottbus at the german-polish border will begin, also for one week
actions and discussions are prepared. Some hundred people are expected,
also a bigger number of refugees want to take part. The friends from
Napoli (officine) have announced (some weeks ago) to carry out a
meeting/happening in Puglia in August, but nobody came to Poznan and we
have not got further informations. Urgent question to Napoli: What is
planned? Friends from Madrid have participated at Poznan-meeting and
they would like to do something in the south of Spain also in August,
but it is not yet clear, what kind of action is possible to realize. The
same friends are in a good contact with groups in Mexico, where in the
beginning of September (1st til 3rd) another borderhappening will be
prepared. Musicians and artists are involved, the program with films and
music will take place directly at the fence to USA.

>From 13th of July until the beginning of September we can expect a chain of
actions and all other groups are requested to think for own activities
against the borderregimes in this period. We have heard that in England some
groups will prepare something in Dover, and also in countries without an
outerborder it would be easy to find adequate targets. In Poznan we have
decided to interconnect the various actions on different levels: - Exchange
of participants to create a direct, personal link from one camp to the next
action. In Poland we will show a film about the situation at the
Mexican-US-border, and some friends, who will take part in Poland will go to
the german camp later. At the german camp guests from Mexico are expected
and it should be possible to find activists from Germany to go to Italy and
Spain. In the same way we should connect next activities in England and
Mexico. - Workshops about europeanwide and international borderregimes in
each camp, including a presentation of the various counteractivities. A
film-team from Munich will come to Poland and Germany and perhaps we can
produce film sequences of each action/camp and present it in the next
station. - A common webside was already announced in the mailing list by
Alain and is in work. It should include reports about different aspects of
the borderregimes: technical rearmament, hunting of refugees and migrants at
the landborderlines, the massgrave mediterranean sea, denouncation
atmosphere in the borderegions, shifting the seal off to the easteuropean
countries, economic consequences (suit-case economy), migration and
labour-market (selective control)...

So we hope, that at least the later activists can use a lot of
informations, ideas and experiences from the actions before. And at the
end we should have a much more better base of discussion, both in
contents and in actions, which can be used in further campaigns. All
groups and activists are requested to contribute to this practical

Best greetings, h.

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