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<nettime> NEW ESEX [expan(ded)sible strucutres]

"Expanded metal is one continuous, single sheet of mesh, produced when the sheet is sheared and stretched but is left intact at the 'knuckles'. Available in a variety of thicknesses, with differing sizes and designs of the mesh".

Visit the new totally redesigned and expanded esex!

new server, new domaine name, added works!

New works by:

-Rafael Lozano-Hemmer
-Scott Paterson
-Joseph Nechvatal 
-Waldek Pranckiewicz

Initial works by:
-James Paterson
-Communimage and Johannes Gees
-Degre Zero

Since "ESEX Expansible Structures", more than a network show, operates
like a convoking organism of diverse projects that look forward, through
the interaction a mechanical and conceptual improvement, in the creative
processes of our daily urban life. In this sense ESEX tries to be open to
collaborations that work under the same parameters marked by this
curatorial call.

Help us grow and expand ourselves! If you want to submit your project
please send [title project, author(s) name, project description (about 10
lines)] to writing "submit" in the title
space, in order to review the work and link it. 

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