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<nettime> ALIENS PRIDE 2000 Sex is an alien

For this alien species or "third sex", les enfants sauvages, sex is a way
for chaos, where desire and imagination are still undivided, when all is
lawful, like superabundance, inebriation, plenitude, overcoming the
ordinaries terrestrial states of consciousness... 

unrestrained GAME: at the same time the source of the alien art and the
alien sex... 

In the enthusiastic exaltation of alien couplings, we identify ourselves
with the whole Kosmos, with the totality of the living universe, and we
recognise the Kosmos like our real body... 

To embrace the Kosmos like well of style and voluptuous store, this is the
foundation of our alien, hidden, core. 

Pride to be alien-sexuals, the Aliens (Priders) In Roma adheres to the
World Pride 2000 attending the ceremony of saturday 8th july 2000 with an
alien wagon armed with Mortal Orgonic Rays and anomal waves of
esoplanetary music

And to the "true" cristians, these annoyed bigots self-lobotomized, these
baby-killers Mormons, Star Warriors of Pseudo-Morality, fascists of
tele-evangelism, zombie squads of the Virgin Mary, these humans inhumans,
we'd like to remind the words of some old friend... 

The other reflects the self
I is the other
S/he is you

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