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<nettime> mps clash over jews taunt

[some news from the backwaters of south australia]

MPs clash over Jews taunt

By Political Reporter DAVID ECCLES

A liberal backbencher has told State Parliament that laywers have "longer
arms than the Jews".

Graham Gunn - who recently celebrated his 30th year in Parliament - made
the remark during a debate over a consumer affairs statute amendment bill.

"They've got longer arms than the Jews," Mr Gunn said.

Opposition legal affairs spokesman Michael Atkinson called on acting
chairman Joe Scalzi to ask Mr Gunn to withdraw the "offensive" remark which
he believed, as a lawyer, was directed at him.

Mr Gunn replied: "I am very happy to say that I indicated that members of
the legal profession have longer arms than some ethnic groups."

Mr Atkinson again called on Mr Gunn to withdraw the remark.

"Under the law of the state, not in this chamber but outside under the law
of the state, the remakrs of the member for Stuart would be contrary to the
law ad do I think it is approprate that even you at least ask him to
withdraw. I refer to the Racial Vilification Act", he said.

Mr Gunn said he would withdraw the remark.

"I am very happy. In fact it gives me the opportunity to again indicate
that the profession I referred to is a law unto itself and, if I have
offended (Mr Atkinson) I would withdraw that part of it - nothing in
relation to the group that I indicated appreared to be a law unto iteslf,
particularly when charging people in the community," Mr Gunn said.

The Advertiser, 30 June 2000. Adeliade, South Australia.

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