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<nettime> Southern and Eastern movements vs. World Bank/IMF - an appeal

The World Bank and the IMF will hold their 55th annual meeting on September
26-29 in Praha, Czech Republic. Many Southern and Eastern movements would
like to send a delegate there, in order to make their voices heard and
participate in the mass civil disobedience actions that are planned, but
cannot afford the airfares. We appeal all organisations and individuals who
can afford it to donate some money for their travel expenses. 

The IMF/WB and the Czech government are preparing a public-relations
cabaret to give the impression that they are listening to people, and they
have money to pay the flights of their puppets to Praha. We think that it
is really important that the movements which have been struggling against
the massive destruction and destitution created by these institutions, and
have only received repression in return, are also present in Praha. And
they will not be invited by the Bank and the Fund.

There will be decentralised actions all over the world on September 26th
(the fourth global day of action against capitalism, for more information
go to But we think that beyond that, it is very
important that the voices of the South and the East are represented in the
very same place where the IMF/WB (and the international press) will be. 

In the page you will find information
about the movements that want to send a representative to Praha and the
money that is needed for each ticket. We will update the information in the
page regularly with information about the donations that have been received
already, to make this fund-raising exercise totally transparent.

If you want to contribute, you have different options:

1. The one that we consider best: you can collect money in your region or
country (asking different organisations to contribute) and pay for one (or
more) flight ticket from there, without banks or postal money orders in
between. You can pay for the ticket in your country and ask the airline to
issue the ticket in the country of origin of the person coming. If you want
to do this, please let us know so that we include the information in the
web page.

2. If you cannot collect enough money for a complete ticket, you can send a
postal money order to:

Recipient: Mouvements Populaires et Mondialisation (MPM)
Address: c/o IAS, Maison des Assoc., 11 rue des Savoises; 1205 Geneva,
Purpose: Praha 2000

3. Finally, you can also transfer your donations to the following account:

Account holder: Mouvements Populaires et Mondialisation (MPM)
Account number: 70.505.5
Bank: Banque Alternative BAS
Address: CP 161, 1001 Lausanne, Switzerland
Bank code (Clearing bancaire): 8390
Purpose: Praha 2000 

It is important that you write 'Praha 2000' as the purpose of the transfer
since the same account is used for several other purposes. All the funds
received for Praha 2000 will be entirely devoted to pay the travel expenses
of representatives of Southern and Eastern movements. 

Please contact us in the address <> in case you have any

In solidarity,
Mouvements Populaires et Mondialisation

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