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<nettime> military-info complex

The Command Post of the Future (CPoF) will provide the commander and his
staff with an environment to rapidly visualize, analyze, and understand
the battlespace. 

"The commanders job, in the future as in the past, will be to make
decisions and monitor their execution in the midst of great uncertainty.
He will need to assess the changing situation, select the best course of
action, and monitor its execution. In the future, his success will depend
on using information dominance to increase the speed and precision of
those decisions. At the same time, survival will depend on being small and
mobile.  Large command complexes will not survive in the highly lethal,
future battlefield. The commanderšs portal into this information
environment will need to be easily operated by a small, distributed staff.
The goal of CPOF is to double the speed and quality of these command
decisions while reducing the staff by one half. To achieve this
operational goal, the technical objective is to develop the technology
necessary to create an adaptive, decision-centered, information
visualization environment for the future commander and his immediate
staff. " 

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