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<nettime> International statement [re: World Economic Forum]

International statement 

Greetings Comrades, 

>From September 11-13th this year the World Economic Forum ( WEF ) is
coming to Melbourne. The WEF as a powerful capitalist institution that
promotes economic and social policies that will benefit the rich and the
powerful at the expense of the majority of the world's people and the
environment. Its members include the CEOs from the top 1000 multi-national
corporations in the world.

In opposition to this event a range of anarchist, left wing, green groups,
liberals and ngo’s are organising oppositional events and demonstrations
and actions. 

A group called AWOL ( Autonomous Web of Liberation ) has formed; ‘
s11-awol is a non-hierarchical, decentralised and autonomous. It aims to
facilitate actions, hold skill-sharing workshops, and empower people with
information and knowledge, to enable us to best to all shutdown the World
Economic Forum and say no to global corporatisation / capitalism. ‘


This is an important action and come in the lead up to indigenous protests
at the Olympics and less than 2 weeks before the massive mobilisation in
Prague against the International Monetary Fund / World Bank on the 26th of


We are bringing this to your attention in the hope that you will be able
to plan your own autonomous direct action against capitalism at home or
visit Melbourne in September.  Internationalist autonomous but networked
direct action resistance to Capitalism is essential.  Additionally in the
event that there is repression of this event and activists are harmed or
imprisoned please take direct action in solidarity with them. 

Below are the contacts for AWOL ( Autonomous Web of Liberation ) and the ‘
broad-church ‘ of the alliance.  If you are planning action then please
let us know via the contacts below. 


s11 awol: a non-hierarchical group, using consensus 
Email    s11awol@yahoo.com 
Phone Australia : 

S11 Alliance 
PO Box 222, Fitzroy 
Tel: 03 9419 8700; Fax: 03 9416 2081 
Email: s11Office@netscape.net 

Say Bye to Slow Internet!

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