Heiko Recktenwald on 16 Jul 2000 17:55:10 -0000

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Re: <nettime> Altern.org shut down

> A decree of application has to be passed by the Constitutionnal Council,
> after advice from CNIL. So probably not before september. But two recent
> cases show that providers and judges will apply the spirit of the law from
> now on.  for info :

So, I dont think its very expensive, and you could try to make a
collection: why not go to the french constitutional court ? And, if this
doesnt help, to the european court of human rights, to let this question
be cleared ? Never visited any of the altern.org pages, but as far as I
could see, the concept was a good idea, and it would be good to know which
kind of restriction are ok according to the european charta of human
rights "in a democratic society". But he may not destroy his own case, by
closing down his thing too early. Although one might argue, that he was
allready "forced" to close it down, but I am not shure. 


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