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<nettime> MAPS RBL (fwd)

Orbs etc, voila:

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Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2000 15:34:20 +0200
From: "Kristian [iso-8859-1] Köhntopp" <kris@koehntopp.de>
To: debate@fitug.de
Subject: [FYI] Einstweilige [iso-8859-1] Verfügung gegen MAPS RBL

Interessant. Mit derselben Begründung könnte man auch
gegen NetNanny und Cyberpatrol vorgehen.



Yesmail Gets Restraining Order Against MAPS Blacklist

By Patricia Odell, Richard H. Levey 

Yesmail.com, a Chicago-based permission marketer, won 
a temporary restraining order Thursday against Mail 
Abuse Prevention System LLC (MAPS) in the first legal 
challenge to the Redwood, CA-based group.

Issued by the Northern District Court of Illinois 
(Eastern Division), the order blocks MAPS from
adding yesmail to its list of alleged spammers. It 
is good through Aug. 2. A hearing has been
scheduled for July 18.

Several firms have found their Web sites shut down 
and their e-mails blocked after being listed
on MAPS? Realtime Blackhole List (RBL). The RBL, 
which lists more than 3,000 alleged
spammers, is subscribed to by 20,000 Internet 
service providers, corporations, government
agencies and individuals.

In a complaint filed on Thursday, yesmail alleged 
that MAPS had announced its intent to include
yesmail on the RBL.

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	-- Don Hopkins

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