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<nettime> WHAT IS HYPERDUB ?

Hyperdub is an info virus. It replicates in both humans and machines and
synthesizes mutants in between. We have come to know its replication
protocols as remixology and its most virulent strands as the
hypersyncopation of the uk underground. Its mutation has increased its
tactical intelligence to the point where it is now capable of releasing
outbreaks of digital turbulence unpredictably across the bpm metric,
camoflaged in the sweetest of constructs. Most virulent mutations to date
include hardcore, jungle and 2step garage. Among the most developed cases,
hyperdub is transmitted through digital trading in sonic fluids. What used
to be called the internet, with its obsession on the visual, was really
just a auto-immune response to the rising tide of acoustic cyberspace
through hyperdubbing. A sign of its proliferaton is the complexification
of the distinction between underground incubation zones and mainstream
hosts. Hyperdub uses polyrhythmic protein to compose a body. We know this
operation now as breakbeat science. In parallel, hyperdub creates a
synthetic soul through vocal science. These sonic holograms populate are
the bleeding edge of acoustic cyberspace.

Hyperdub's modus operandi is afrovorticist.


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