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Re: <nettime> Internet and Unconscious: The Psychic Interface

> This psychic interface flows "between" the user and the machine - beyond
> buttons, controls, navigational logic and hand-eye co-ordination and even
> content. It is experiential and communicates with the unconscious of the
> user; this is the interface of the gamer and the immersed users of the
> future.

is it not recycled theory of human/computer befor internet ? remember this
possible dialogue and may be a shcizophren one blala and in any case a not
so bad whatsit for this hard unemployed time for speaking about domestic
computer as social secured consummer means of unused work force ? there i
remeber a consensus for speaking about freudian unconscious. so what about
unconscious when times are less hard ? (when thanatos seems sleeping)
hum.. and remember cognitive science and their will of never speaking
about unconsious but only non-positivist conscient processus, yes who dare
to say computer was not an extraordinary mean to 'dialogue' with our
non-conscious processus as during a vocal recognition session for
instance? but what i would mean is the so viewing experience of to know to
explain something i.e. having all the elements, yet do not mean
'understand' this thing. what the alchemist and the witch want is : to
understand at last, well chicks and guies who naturally know the observer
is the master cause of all the sciences

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