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<nettime> draft article on WTO: Some alternatives.

Dear Mr. John Bunzl, Georges Drouet,

I would like to bring to your attention some considerations about the
dilemma about WTO alternatives on the ligth of PROUT, a new socio-economic
alternative to capitalism and communism.

Proutist Universal, the organisation wich propagate PROUT, (PROgressive
Utilisation Theory) publishes a booklet on the occaison on Prague 26. Its
three chapters are reproduced under the title.

"Universal spirit and all-round development"
1. Globalisation of economy
2. Proutistic endeavor for the all-round progress of all
3. Is capitalism democratic?

You may find at www.proutworld.org under "Prague 26" session, expecially
into the 1th and 2nd chapters some syntethic ideas and programms of this
new socio-economic theory.

I will elaborate more in detail some of the point you rise in your

>NGOs are right to insist that free-market competition represents an
unacceptable paradigm but what is the alternative?
>Since both protectionism and free-trade produce unsustainable levels of
competition, it seems that quite a different vision for a future world
economy is needed.
> some study of competition itself might be a starting point
> Indeed, any new vision for a new world
economic order must not only make clear what is being asked of
politicians, it must also show how that vision can be achieved. It must
demonstrate a clear and practical method of making a secure and
responsible transition from the existing sick paradigm to the future
one we all desire.
> Only global, or virtually global and simultaneous regulatory action could
provide a satisfactory and secure solution.

Best regards
Proutist Universal - Italia

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> Reform the WTO! - But where are the Ideas?


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