beeblerox on 11 Sep 2000 21:26:52 -0000

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<nettime> carefolie

                                                making sense carefully

                    inspira(l)tion ceased to begin
        flavors pour up
                falling, fragile, for a while
                    behind bars of imagery

sipping ripples of bare poetry
no large whales at sea
dribbling in grown hits
of a return address maled
at me

    in bottom line doubt
of Principia Erotica
        formal system in tuition soaked
in the lavender breeze of an after math

                I flee from the sacred
                    only to look into the void
                        of wide pale eyes of the face of creation
                    dropp    ed, ist the case
                       au O ral picture of the object of me
                    make sensecare folie
                        une folie a deux, a severe case, ist

    empty bars of a self-inflicted trap
    a hit, two hits
    knowing better, then I do, than I do
    then him then

frequenced to the T
of my biomusical sensibility, vulnerability

                        blowing horns at ears mind open
                                                            mind the rest
                uncut, carefuly not
            multitude of vagueness
                            unity of remembrance

language I say shit
negative capability or...
lack of pretentious rigor ?

                                                FALL FREELY

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