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From: "Gurry" <gurry@wipo.org.uk>
To: "t byfield" <tbyfield@panix.com>
Subject: World Intellectual Property Organisation Press Release
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2000 19:32:31 +0100

WIPO PRESS RELEASE - September 11, 2000 

The World Intellectual Property Organisation, to improve commercial
profitability, are to have a name and Internet site change. Formally WIPO,
is now to be known as SWIPO. We can be found at our new site SWIPO.ORG.

We have the full backing of United States Patent and Trademark Office
(USPTO.GOV) and Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

We are the first and most excellent of the arbitration services for ICANNs
big business friendly process - the Uniform Dispute Resolution Policy
(UDRP). Do not think just because we are part of the United Nations
(UN.ORG) that we are even-handed, therefore may rule against you. Being
financed by big business - we know where our loyalties lie.

We are to shortly start an advertising campaign to inform of this name
change, aimed at the corporate and celebrity world. We will guarantee to
them with absolute certainty, that they we will get any domain name they
covet - whoever already owns it. Unless owners have more money and power,
of course. We can do this because of rationalisation, ridding ourselves of
honest panellists in readiness for our Initial Public Offering in January

Do not use any of the other arbitration services - eResolution etc, even in
the past we were the most successful in getting the name you want. We made
the rules - we know all the tricks. We are the most powerful, growing
daily, and can take whatever you want. Tell us the name; we will do the
rest. Example: Paramount approached us a short while back, saying they
would quite like CREW.com for their camera crews to use. We thought about
it and came up with a winning excuse - Star Trek has the most famous crews
of any ship on the planet (or off). We told them to hang on until after a
smaller case for the name had gone through. It would be silly to turn down
jCREW money.

We will push aside ALL competition, using the quote from Francis Gurry,
Advertising and Publicity Executive, "Domain Name Hijacking - Forget the
Rest - We Swipe Best".

We deny all of the libellous slurs being put by our critics. WIPO.org.uk
say we do not look after the interests of all trademark holders. It is a
malicious lie; we follow a strict set procedure to make sure we do so:

     1. We give domain to UDRP appellant, after their cheque clears.
     2. We contact each trademark in turn, no matter how obscure or 
        tenuous the link.
      3. We offer them arbitration to take domain away from the new owner.

Case in point: After winning them JethroTull.com, told Tull about JT.com,
which we just usurped for Japan Tobacco. Tull decided it was wanted; their
money is as good as anyone's. We came up a winning argument; they are 'JT'
to friends, all families and fans.

Seen a domain name you would like to hijack? Order it now from our site at

"Domain Name Hijacking - Forget the Rest - We Swipe Best"

Semblance of any the above to reality is purely a joke, as is the true
state of affairs. All TM acknowledged. This has been written in the spirit
of 'free speech' (you may have heard the expression). SWIPO is pointed to
WIPO. If you want more of the truth (you be the judge), visit my site
wipo.org.uk. You can then send WIPO protest email to crooks@swipo.org, it
will go direct to them - I will not see it.

Problems could be easily solved, if a Top Level Domain (TLD) of dot REG was
introduced, it would act as certificate of authentication for trademarks.
It will solve all problems, rationale at wipo.org.uk. Also, using ORG.REG
for registered organizations, you would have instantly been able to verify
this was a spoof. For registered charities it would enable sender to know
they were sending donations to a bona fide charity. It will also stop big
business control of words and allow free speech on the Internet. Logical
common sense. Point made yet?

Wipo.org.uk and swipo.org have no connection with, and wishes to be totally
disassociated from, the World Intellectual Property Organization. The above
is considered and informed opinion. WIPO, no 'bad faith' excuse for you to
take this domain away. You have full use of it anyway - everything is being
forwarded. No monies or advertising revenue is being made. It is not for
sale at any price - there is no price you can put on free speech.

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