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<nettime> My Prague etcetera pipe dreams.

http://process.indymedia.org/ offers some pointers for their media offensive
but I call it a provocation that will do nothing to gain/earn the sympathies of
the general populace. I offer some pointers that will remedy that.

As I said at the preparatory meet in Holland (see the first item in this file):
it is imperative to play law enforcement and police our own ranks and so
exclude, contain, prevent and defuse each and every provocative can spray and
even trash can overturn in order to sway public opinion about their support,
otherwise it sides with the police (only doing their job after all) and they
don't need (more than) a glimpse to know what is really happening besides all
the cute puppets and people sitting down or something.     Not until such
containment succeeds will a batallion of media gadgets be of great or even any
real use and even then it is only gonna straighten out the reactionary part of
the story; which does nothing, zippo and nada for the construction of
alternatives!!!!!!       Sorry, but like I said about religious confrontations
much  earlier, it is not a matter of lifting the pentagon out of it's strategic
entrenchment, let it sit and molder right where it is, what really matters and
hurts 'm is the ability to feed itself, it is not the position of Jerusalem or
any such holy dogshat place, it is the flow of things into it that need
redirection and so do the idiots who like to go bust their heads upon some
police force or other (thus justifying bigger investment in the very things the
love to hate).   . . .   Yall write: Using the internet and other
communications technologies we are able to reach a wide audience and break
through the corporate media blockade.  . . .     sounds right and really macho,
gets a lotta boys with a militant and heroic streak in'm hot and bothered but.
. .wie niet sterk is moet slim zijn (those not strong have needs to and
perforce must be smart!!!!)                Lemme try restate this in the form
the recent intro to my wide ranging big linklist in /Blabsabs_Index.htm: The
sitemakers on these wide ranging (eclectic) lists oughta nevertheless make a
fist . .  . (at least temporarily and for starters at the strategically
decisive moments of protest for which massively  popular support can only be
mustered when general populace can feel save and entertained. So in order to
expose and show police up for the repressively souldead interest protectors
they can turn into on protest occasions (and exclude their alas often justified
property protective role) we first need to make them superfluous and look
ridiculous in the eyes of the people, stop the reasons for funding them (and
entire armies) with public monies, show how they are the strong arm needed to
camouflage the insecurity of a bad and/or no conscience, iow ruthless savagery.
There are no invisible hands (save an image nation, fast fingerjoints perhaps)
Just make sure the feeding hand gives no occasion to be bitten. Easy enough if
the peaceful majority keep total tabs and closed ranks around the unruly
factions within them. Run the camera on this (think of funny ways to show that
brawn, macho and muscle can be steered to have a common benefit, for instance
with Rock grinding shows or if it can't be helped yet, invite some Nazi's or
hoolies for a bare hand fight, allow news and sport channels to tune in for
hefty sums flowing into the trusts of the partciparitiers, etc) prove once and
for all police are just elite turf defenders and public opinion is ours.) . . .
.with some sort of an if need be sliding scale endorsement  affiliation scheme.
To see something as an obstacle (nuclear reactors and all other secretive and
harmfully centralized rot) is what counts (ways must be found to do that
especially and) even when coming from different places. No matter! Nor where to
and wither they all afterwards scatter  (during the removal stage they do merit
and must be counted together). 
http://members.tripod.com/poetpiet/  the punchline pioneer who picks out the
hardest of tasks; cause . . ."it ain't so bad to be glacierlike, a
volcano-type. . . paracletic dabbler with all these newspfangled plexciting and
gruesomely grateful growsomusical autonomobilitates" Latest (sitemeter)
appelation: Harmonies from histories collectintegrator.  Earlier one: Solutions
which will (dis)solve all uncivilly polarizing clumpy niches and lumpy -nesses.

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