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Re: <nettime> draft article on WTO

> If you think of society as a biological organism, I find it is like the
> anti-globalisation forces are the immune response anti-bodies seeking to
> preserve the Industrialised world's standards of living (its 'health') by
> denying capital flows to the poor (redistribution of development). I know
> that exactly that is the stated objective of many protesters, but I don't
> think that will be the outcome they achieve if they are successful. I am
> suspicious of all utopias. It doesn't matter what the T-cell thinks it
> motives are, what its outcome is the important factor.
> regs
> scot

its seems to me (as both a longtime anti-corporate globalisation protester and
as a member of the blockade of the melb WEF conference) that a lot of the
people on this list (the ones that post anyway) have never actually talked to a
anti-corporate globalisation protester, or been to one of the protests /
we are not anti-globalisation, we are anti-corporate gloablisation.
we understand all too well that the current mode of globalisation - where
capital is freed, and labour, living, environmental and cultural standards are
or held in check, can only be solved by globalising basic labour, living,
environmental and cultural standards, globalising the primacy of the local over
the global, and localising (ie, grounding) capital.
we are the immune response - this much is true. but lets not forget that the
protests in the Industialised world are NOT the first protests. we are still
catching up with the protests in India (if any country is at the forefront of 
the anti-corporate gloablisation movement, it is India), South-East Asia, South
America, etc....we are the immune response to a world where capital is free and
people are not.

+ below is a link to the statment from the protesters at  the melb WEF that was
read out to the WEF meeting by Dr Vandana Shiva +

it can also be found on the melbourne indymedia site:

+ rupert, rupert the bear, everyone knows his name +
- C&W, S12

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