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Re: <nettime> The Elevator Pitch: Global Village enclaves (tm)

> Imagine a place (let's call it a Global Village Enclave(tm)) that is a
> combination gated community, Club Med, strategic hamlet (1), Cheyenne
> Mountain (2), Multimedia Super Corridor (3) all maintained by a group such
> as Executive Outcomes (4). 

Just a short notice: The private military company "Executive Outcomes" from
South Africa has ceased to exist on Jan. 1st 1999, but there are many others
waiting in line. The best known are Sandline
International (London, http://www.sandline.com) and Military Professional
Resources Inc. (MPRI, Alexandria/VA., http://www.mpri.com).

Normally they are subcontracted by the Foreign Ministries for helping allied
armed forces, or by transnational companies to protect their
resources/production or mining sites. The US Military has
already been thinking of signing a non-aggression-treaty with global
business... (cf. Steven Metz: Strategic Horizons. The Military Implications of
Alternative Futures, Carlisle Barracks: US Army War
College, March 1997)

Ralf Bendrath

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