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<nettime> mailinglist architectures: rhizome, nettime

?: What is the difference between Rhizome Raw and Nettime for example?

Mark Tribe: The main difference is that Nettime is focused on theory and
politics and the culture mode of the net. Our focus is on new media
art, the emerging social and cultural issues and critical concerns
that intersect with contemporary art and emerging technologies. We
don't moderate the Rhizome Raw List and sometimes it happens also that
people use the list for their concerns. For example, during the war in
Kosovo, there were a lot of postings about the war and it had nothing
to do with art or new media. There have been activists that have used
Rhizome as a vehicle. We just send messages in the background asking
people to stay on topic. Rhizome is a platform for new media art;
today we're focused on net art, in a few years it may be genetic
art... Another thing that differentiates Rhizome and Nettime is that
we offer two modes: one totally unfiltered and the other a weekly
edited newsletter. Without Raw, the community would die. But without
Digest, it would fail to reach critical mass because most subscribers
don't have time for Raw. Rhizome is also distinguished by the way we
database our content. Nettime does that too, but what is important for
us is the human keywording and the human indexing, at a certain level
the search engine works much better if you have intelligent indexing.
Nettime continues to operate on the gift economy while we're
transitioning to a funded organization.


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