porculus on 17 Sep 2000 23:15:31 -0000

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Re: <nettime> mailinglist architectures: rhizome, nettime

> We > don't moderate the Rhizome Raw List of course you do, cause i
was fired, and from raw, so you lie, and if i would be justified to
tell you are a lier, poor thing that interrest only nettime cause what
is truth or not is just ugly politic matter what we looking down
together, on the other hand  i am justified to claim you are always
and so much interrest to climb on my own platform of new media art
that will give you panache: in chosing to publicly pologize here on
nettime, for bouncing me just according to a crime of being, and just
subsidiarily porculus. I am not a guy who forgive surch grace you
make. of course as i have waited surch aesthete as you was ready to
make it, and i wait your will be, so i wait you please to start in
reproducing here the same crime in saying without pressure "we don't
moderate the rhizome list" as i find it would be a blasphemy to wait
the third denegation i beleieve your were ready now for your greatest
art performance of your live : apologize to me. and as i know you will
be very disapointed with me if i shirked of my responsabilities so i
am just fully enlight you, cause i am just a lighting grip. just for
your service sir.  so? public is waiting mister tribe.

ps and as it is question of your human focusing database i give here
an excellent manner to test that tatalitarian intelligent whatsit
request machine with quite sharp "intelligent indexing" 

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