porculus on 17 Sep 2000 23:22:08 -0000

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Re: <nettime> Re: there is no place in cyberspace

> for cyberspace the map is the territory Your map try to give
evidence of this so worn autoreferent thing : myself. cause what is
this so perfect map that I could renew for rendering available so much
incommensurable thing according a raison just known by me and that
seems to organise it as a "territory" i.e. where I could hypotstase me
: cause I am firstly an ape and to make things available to me could
be firstly "hands available" syntone interface where the gibbons are
far best than us. But of course we could verify all the self could
have similar raison and even that a particular self could want to
verify what could be the one of an another self : if cyberspace is or
not, in this case is to render possible the old metaphysical question
about 'reality' and in saying mape is territory is it not to reply the
truth is only a question of perspective btw you know the prob with
altavista that  propose the most popular extension of your key word,
the problem focused specially on  related searches with single vague
words as 'small' 'me' 'in ' etc.  in French we say the woman is an
island and her eyes are lakes and her ..etc 
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